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Leland Austin, Certified Advanced Rolfer

  Rolfing is a deep tissue bodywork in which the practitioner works with his or her hands to release dense, thick, short, strained areas in the fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds individual and groups of muscle fibers as well as whole muscles. It is also continuous with and includes the tendons of muscles. A Rolfer then looks at and works with one's whole body, with patterns of strain and tension that one's body develops over time in response to stress, imbalance, and really, our very lives.

Why would you want to be Rolfed? What would be the benefits? It would depend on what you need, what you want. If you are in chronic pain that is due to dysfunction in the soft tissue, such as an injury or trauma or repetitive movement strain, Rolfing could probably offer you relief from that pain. If the injury is deeper inside a joint, such as a torn ligament or meniscus, then Rolfing would only offer minimal relief, usually, from this type of pain. If you feel a deep and abiding tension in certain parts of your body, Rolfing offers a release from such tension. If you sense a struggle with your posture, as if sitting or standing becomes a daily strain on your body, Rolfing can improve your overall balance and posture, give you greater sense of ease, and educate you in better ways to use your body. It offers you greater flexibility and more range of motion in areas of stiffness.

Beyond this, Rolfing can offer you subtler benefits. Outer balance can also help inner balance; relief from tension can not only open the body but also the psyche and soul. Attending to the sensations of your body develops your awareness not only of your body but of life itself. If you have lost your deep, felt connection to your body, how can you still connect deeply to others? If we do not take care of our bodies in which we live, how can we then take care of the earth on which we live? With some clients I work to help them bring gentle awareness to different parts of their bodies and notice the subtle sensations and emotions that arise in response to the Rolfing work. Working in this way seems to develop an increased capacity for awareness and brings one into a more intimate experience of oneself as an embodied being. Although it is not the only step you can take toward a deeper connection with your body and soul, Rolfing can be one of the important steps you take toward connection and wholeness.
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516 Miner St., Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, 48103
Added 2010/02/05 | Updated 2013/08/12
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